Demetrius Jelatis grew up in Rochester, Minnesota, and started playing pool at age 12 when his father put a pool table in their basement.  By 13 he was hooked, playing every day and obsessed with learning everything possible about this amazing game.  He began going to the local pool hall after school and would play anybody he could, then he’d go home and relentlessly practice the shots he’d missed and the new shots he’d learned.  By 17 he was the strongest player in town and moved to the Twin Cities in search of further competition.

After taking a close look at the life of a touring professional, Demetrius decided to put his pursuit of pool on hold.  He followed the traditional path of getting a job and starting a family.  Pool took the back burner for several years until the situation shifted a bit and allowed for more table time.  It didn’t take him long to get back into stroke either.  Playing regularly with top national players his game rose to a new level.  He entered his first pro event at the 2005 US Open 9 ball Championships and was ecstatic to win a hill-hill thriller over his first professional opponent on his way to a 33rd place finish.  In his following three attempts he finished 33rd, 25th, and 17th, and throughout his tournament travels he’s had wins over many of the game’s elite.  Meanwhile he began increasingly known on the regional scene, winning dozens of tournaments in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Illinois.

As meaningful competitions became harder to find locally, Demetrius became an avid fan of taking practice seriously.  He continues to put in consistent practice on his home table, drilling specific shots and techniques.  Every year or two he commits an entire weekend to conducting his own personal boot camp, from which this program was born.‍‍‍

On the table Demetrius is very focused and intense, relying on strong concentration, good percentage patterns and exacting cue ball control to produce a high level of consistency.  Off the table he is quick to laugh, finding the humor in the adversity that comes inherent with the competitive path.  His love of pool has only grown over the years, and his enthusiasm is evident whether he is practicing at home or playing on a larger stage.  He really demonstrates what it means to ‘play’ pool.

Currently Demetrius is still competing, playing a minimum of four major tournaments a year in additional to regional events.