MN Pool Boot Camp is an intensive one on one training experience designed to help players break through plateaus and achieve their pool aspirations.


There are no shortcuts to success:  INPUT = OUTPUT.  The world’s best didn’t get there through league play or weekly tournaments.  They got there with a single-minded devotion to greatness that lead them around the globe for many years.  Good for them.  What about you?


The vast majority of us cannot follow that path.  We have families, careers, and other commitments that prohibit us from devoting all of our energy into a game.  I deeply respect all of my fellow pool players that made the choice to demote pool from an identity to merely an obsession.  But while our decision is never to be regretted, that doesn’t require our sacrifice to be absolute.  There is still room for pool.  And while we may never achieve the heights of those who play full time, there still exists the opportunity to achieve an even more important goal:  Our personal best.


Hours at the table and opportunities to compete are limited so it becomes increasingly important to be strategic with how we use those we have.  Is your goal so clear in your mind you can see it each night when you go to sleep?  Do you know exactly where to focus your energy to create a path that leads there?  Is your table time effectively moving you forward?  Does your motivation show in the intensity you bring to your play each day?


No quick fixes or magic bullets.  The purpose is simply to identify where you’re stuck, develop a plan to get out of a rut, and then take the first few steps together with someone that can make sure you’re on the right path so your next three months look brighter than your last three years.  One on one customized instruction from someone that has broken through many plateaus personally and can not only assist in defining the road ahead, but also to partner with you as you take the first steps.


I want to help you put more in, so you get more out.